University of Science & Technology Bannu

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Developed human resource serves as the foundation for economic independence and prosperity in the global community. To this end, futuristic and strategic thinking is vital in planning curriculum and providing an environment conducive to high quality learning and research in pure and applied sciences. This is the role that UST Bannu is committed to play in laying the foundation of our economy on solid basis. UST Bannu shall endeavor;

  • • To provide a productive environment, inevitable for the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest level of excellence.
  • • To promote and accelerate the study of, and research in pure and applied sciences and technology in the remote areas of Pakistan.
  • • To produce scientists, technologists and educationists of the highest order.
  • • To inject spirit into, and project the intelligentsia of the society it belongs to.
  • • To accelerate the application of sciences to the common purpose of life.


The core mission of University of Science & Technology Bannu is to invoke the inherent talent of the society it belongs to, and to instill a spirit in it to uncover the hidden horizons of knowledge and learning through the development of futuristic and strategic thinking in pure and applied Sciences thereby preparing the ground for enlightened luminaries to lead the world in scientific and technological development and thus ensuring a golden period for the Motherland. As a learning Institution, parallel endeavor shall be made to develop a community not only fully conversant in the issues of the modern world, but also with a cosmopolitan outlook, tolerant attitude, purpose oriented thinking and completely alert to the changes, challenges and needs of the time.