1. The student will he issued a Deposit Slip by the designated branch of a Bank at the time of admission for the First Semester/Term and before the commencement of classes for the subsequent Semesters which the student will produce to the Director/Chairman of the concerned Institute/Department to permit him to join the class.
  2. Students will deposit all fees and other dues in the UST Bannu, authorized banks.
  3. Fees and other dues are neither acceptable in cash nor any person has been made authorized by the University to accept fee in cash.


  1. Miscellaneous fees and charges for the First Term will be deposited at the time of admission.
  2. The student will deposit all types of fees and other dues for each subsequent term before the commencement of classes, failing which the University may withhold result or promotion to the next Term or may impose a penalty.
  3. The fees will be charged for the entire duration of each term including holidays, vacations or closure of the University.
  4. The security deposited is subject to full or partial forfeiture in case of loss or damage to the library books issued to the students or for other damages/charges levied against the student. The security deposited is fully refundable subject to clearance by the library/ administration and other concerned offices.
  5. All fees and other dues are subject to change without prior notice and students will be liable to pay if decided otherwise by the University authorities.
  6. Students are required to keep the original receipts of fees payment including the security deposit slip on the completion of the program. Prior to award of degree, it will be the responsibility of all students to prove that he/she has paid all the dues.
  7. If a student wants to drop one or more Semesters, he must submit an application to the concerned department in this respect. If a student re -joins after dropping one or more Semesters due to some valid or genuine reasons, he/she will be required to pay fees according to the fee structure for the term that the student is re-joining.
  8. If a student fails in one or more paper, he/she will deposit the examination fee required for the said paper only.

Rules For Refund (Under HEC Policy)

  1. If a student wishes to withdraw his admission before the commencement of classes. 10% deduction will be made from tuition fee and other dues except security.
  2. In case of withdrawal of admission within 1 -15 days after the commencement of classes, 25% deduction will be made.
  3. 50% deduction will be made from those who request for withdrawal within 16 -30 days after the commencement of the classes.
  4. No refund of fee/dues will be allowed after 30 days after the of commencement of the classes.
  5. Registration fee will not be refunded in any case.