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Head Line/Title Final Provisional Merit List for Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III
Date 18 Aug, 2023
Description The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has published the final provisional merit list of awardees for Phase-III of the Prime Minister's Youth Laptop Scheme at the University of Science & Technology Bannu. All students are instructed to meticulously review their details and current status by downloading the provided merit list.

The University retains the authority to revoke the laptop allocation at any point during the distribution process if any submitted information is determined to be falsified or inaccurate, or if a student has already received a laptop through another Government Scheme. The University also holds the right to initiate disciplinary measures against these students and to file a FIR for fraud or cheating, should any student be found to have provided false or deceptive information in the context of this scheme.
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