Looking into the talent pool of the area and tendency of the people towards Islamic teachings, it was seriously felt to launch M.Phil classes in Islamic Studies. For this purpose Department of Islamic Studies & Research was established in September, 2010 for providing quality higher education in the field of Islamic Studies. This Department presently offers course at M.Phil Level and would expand its scope to Doctoral studies in due course of time.


  1. The study of Islamiyat imparts true Islamic information in order to establish the grandeur of Allah and the understanding of the Holy Quran and Hadith in Islamic society.
  2. To groom Islamic awareness in the mind of new generation and to convince and lead them to the right tract indicated by Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
  3. The main mission of the department of Islamic Studies and Research is to enhance knowledge about the Holy Quran, Hadith & Sharia. This will be ultimately resulted upon the tolerance, good Governance and peace full atmosphere and will be strengthened the ideology of home land Pakistan.
  4. Awareness to be developed in new generation about the essence of Quran, Sunnah & Islamic Culture.
  5. To eradicate the darkness of illiteracy from the region and renaissance of Islamic tradition in real sense.
  6. By importing quality education department mission is to produce able, wise and talented critically minded Scholars and Philosopher whose guidance will be cause for socio development emergence in region.
  7. To prepare a new set of youth who are not only custodians of religious traditions, but also able to Cope with the challenges of modern world problems.
  8. To create harmony in society and eliminate disorder through education. (May Allah increase our Knowledge)