List of the eligible candidates for the different Faculty position


"In case of any reservations, the candidates may submit application to Registrar, UST Bannu up to September 20, 2016. Those who already submitted  applications / reservations do not need to submit again"


Those candidates who are not included in the list may be considered as in-eligible for the position.  


1.     Lecturer Computer Science-IT

2.     Lecturer Bio-Technology

3.    Assistant Professor Bio-Chemistry

4.   Assistant Professor Cell Biology (Botany) (TTS)

5.   Assistant Professor Chemistry (TTS)

6.   Assistant Professor Computer Science

7.    Assistant Professor Finance

8.    Assistant Professor Managment Science

9.    Assistant Professor Molecular Biology, Bio-Chemistry, Plant Molecular Biology (Revised & updated)

10.  Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry

11.  Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry

12.  Assistant Professor Physics

13.  Assistant Professor Plant Physiology (Botany) (TTS)


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