Presently, the library has almost 80,000 books, besides leading National Dailies, periodicals, computer magazines, journals, cd's and audiovisual cassettes, The library facility can be availed during morning and evening hours.
The library has been connected to foreign leading libraries thought internet and the student can have access to information and latest development in their respective fields.

  1. The library will remain open during the working hours
  2. Faculty, staff and all the students of university are the privileged classes to use library.
  3. A non-transferable library card will be issued to each member that will be returned at the time of taking clearance certificate from the concerned department.
  4. If a member loses his card, he/she will inform the librarian and a duplicate will be issued to him/her on payment of prescribed fee.
  5. Four books will be issued to immediately for a period of 14 days.
  6. After due date the student will be punishable with a fine of Rs.10 per day.
  7. Books lost or damaged in any way the cost there of will be paid by the student equivalent to three times of the current price.
  8. Members will deposit their personal belongings at the counter.
  9. Eating, smoking, sleeping and audible conversation within the library premises is strictly prohibited.

Computer Laboratories

University of Science & Technology, Bannu will provide proper air conditioned computers laboratories equipped with latest computers, the laboratories will be well furnished with teaching aids like multimedia projectors and audio-visual equipment etc. University of Science & Technology, Bannu provide free internet facility to students.

Sports Activities

University of Science & Technology, Bannu is committed to nourish both the mind and Physique of the students. it believes that its students should have an active sporting life besides an academic one. Sports are encouraged at inter departments/inter colleges /inter universities level. Male and Female students both will participate in all sporting events planned separately be the university as and when required. The development of playgrounds in the university is in progress. For this purpose, Directorate of Sports has been established. Moreover, beside sports complex Bannu, UST Bannu has alsoa vast play ground at its Main Campus in Bannu Township.

Students Cafeteria

The University has in all the three campuses canteens that serves food and refreshment. The environment is clean and peaceful. The staff and students to sit together in canteen and thus educative environment is created through interaction. Moreover an International standard cafeteria has been constructed at the Main Campus.


The University offers hostel facility to students, coming from far-flung areas. Presently, the University has two boys hostels, one bachelor hostel and one girls hostel.
The University has rented buildings outside the university to accommodate more number of students. Peaceful and academic environment is ensured in the hostels.


University of Science & Technology, Bannu offers the following scholarships to its students:

  1. Merit Scholarships
  2. University of Science & Technology, Bannu offers merit scholarships from its own resources to 1st and 2nd position holder of each discipline (except M.S/M.Phil) in each semester examinations, provided that he/she secures not less than 70% marks.
  3. Sibling Fee
  4. University of Science & Technology, Bannu also grants sibling fee concession to its enrolled students.
  5. Financial Assistance
  6. University of Science & Technology, Bannu also plans to start a generous scholarships program for all the deserving students subject to availability of financial resources. The University also tries from time to time to search for sponsor to compensate destitute students.