Discipline of Students

The Vice Chancellor will be aided by the University Discipline is Committee enforcing and maintaining discipline among the students to ensure calm and peaceful learning environment. Members of the discipline committee will be appointed on such System and conditions as may be determined from time to time.

Acts of Indiscipline

Among others, the following will constitute an act of indiscipline:

  1. Organizing or abetting to organize, participating or instigating or inciting to participate in walkouts, strikes or unauthorized procession.
  2. Indulgence in political activities including the formation of union, federation, or organization on political, sectarian, tribal or ethnic basis;
  3. Carrying, using or threatening to use firearms and weapons;
  4. Involvement in any sort of quarrel, rowdiness or dispute;
  5. Destroying or damaging or unauthorized use of the University moveable or immoveable property;
  6. Indulging in activities prejudicial or detrimental to the good order of the University;
  7. Actions derogatory to the prestige of the University or to the reputation of its faculty and staff members
  8. Actions defamatory of, or derogatory to Islam and Pakistan;
  9. Bringing unauthorized persons to the University premises;
  10. Breach of any of the public morals;
  11. Defiance of authority
  12. All the cases relating to indiscipline will be decided by the discipline committee;

Punishment & Penalties

Punishment & Penalties for any act mentioned in the above clauses may be one or more of the following;

  1. Fine which may be fixed on case-to-case basis
  2. Expulsion from the class or hostel for a specified period
  3. Detention from examination
  4. Expulsion or rustication from the university either for a specified period or for good;
The above mentioned punishment and penalties shall be imposed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the discipline committee.