Name Designation Qualification Email Address PEC No. Picture
Engr. Dr. Javed Khan Chairman | Lecturer PhD (UTP Malaysia) engr_javed09@yahoo.com Comp/5185


Name Designation Qualification Email Address PEC No. Photo
Engr. Dr. Fakhar Anjam Assistant Professor P.hD (Netherlands) f.anjam@ustb.edu.pk Elect/21303
Engr. Rehan Ali Khan Assistant Professor
(On study Leave to PhD)
MS Electronics & Communication engr.rehan@hotmail.com Tele/2597
Engr. Tanveer Ul Haq Assistant Professor MS Communication engr.tanveer.bnu@gmail.com Elect/13148
Engr. Dr. Liaqat Ali Assistant Professor PhD (China) engr_liaqat183@yahoo.com Elect/31320
Engr. Muhammad Suleman Lecturer MS Communication & Electronics sulemanktk@ustb.edu.pk Tele/694
Engr. Kalimullah Lecturer
(On study Leave to PhD)
MS Power & Control engr_kalim125@yahoo.com Elect/27790
Engr. Muneeb Saadat Lecturer MS Communication (In Progress) engr.muneeb.bnu@gmail.com Tele/3495
Engr. Awais Khan Lecturer
(On study Leave to PhD)
MS Communication & Electronics engr_awais@yahoo.com Elect/21880
Engr. Kifayat Ullah Lecturer MS Communication (In Progress) engrkaif@yahoo.com Elect/11531
Engr. Islam Ud Din Lecturer MS Communication engr_islam002@yahoo.com Elect/24933
Engr. Sakhi Rehman Lecturer MS Power & Control sakhirehman@ustb.edu.pk Elect/30441
Engr. Muhammad Umair Khan Lecturer MS Communication marwat_umair@yahoo.com Tele/2677
Engr. Muhammad Adil Lecturer MS Power & Control engr.madil@ustb.edu.pk Elect/33309
Engr. Wahab Khan Lab Engineer
(On study Leave to PhD)
MS Power & Control wahab487@yahoo.com Elect/17664
Engr. Taimur Ahmed Khan Lab Engineer MS Communication & Electronics engr.taimurkhan@yahoo.com Elect/34961
Engr. Muhammad Farooq Lab Engineer MS Communication (In Progress) engr.farooq@ustb.edu.pk Tele/4583
Engr. Sikandar Afridi Lab Engineer MS Telecommunication engr.sikandar@ustb.edu.pk Elect/42096