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An Adobe Acrobat file Online_Bank_Deposit_Slip_Rs.500-New 188.1 KB 2014-10-17 09:44:42
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An image file Situations_Vacant_December_19_2014 487.17 KB 2014-12-29 05:13:57
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A Microsoft Word file University of Science & Technology NAT-II Form 72 KB 2013-07-02 11:02:21


arrowInvitation to Bid for Supply of Tent-age & Catering (with food) Services for Convocation
arrowEnlistment of Contractors  for the Year 2017-18

arrowProcurement of Desktops Systems, Printer and Multimedia Projectors, Control System Trainer, Digital Signal Processing Trainer, Electrical Machine Trainer, Antenna Trainer and Microwave Engineering Trainer, University of Science and Technology Bannu, (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Pakistan 

arrowTender Notice and Tender Documents for supply of  Furniture and Stationary 

arrowTender document for Procurement of 5000 Prospectus  Last date 28-07-2016      (Closed)

arrowTender Document for Desktop Computers, Multimedia Projectors, Photocopier and On-line UPS        (Closed)

 Tender Document for Answer Book/Script etc for Exam Section   (Closed)

TENDER DOCUMENT for Procurement of Computer Systems and Photocopier for the Research Project at Institute of Engineering and Computing Science, University Of Science & Technology Bannu, (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa) Pakistan  (Closed)

   اشتہار نیلامی برائے پُرانی استعمال شدہ   امتحانی پرچہ جات (آخری تاریخ 02 نومبر 2015 )

Security Cameras with full accessories as per the university needs, Security Walk Through Gates, Metal Detectors, Vehicles Scanning Mirrors, Walky Talkly Set with Base, Siren System, Torches, Android Mobile SoS, AK-47 Rifles with rounds and belts, Repeaters, Pistols and barbed wires  
(Closing Date = 23-10-2015) 

 Pre-Qualified of Contractors/ Firms for "Remaining work of External Development Road at IECS Campus l at UST Bannu (Closed)

Tender Notice for  Purchase of Lab: equipment for Department of Electrical (Telecom) Engineering UST-Bannu  ( Closing date: July 23, 2015 )

Tender Notice for Supply of Lab Equipment for Department of Bio-Technology and Botany  Updated and Corrected  ( Closing date: July 28, 2015 )

Revised Pre-Qualified of Contractors/ Firms for Construction of Academic Block at UST Bannu (Closed)

Pre-Qualification of Contractors/ Firms for Construction of Academic Block at UST Bannu) (Closed)    

Pre-Qualified of Contractors/ Firms for Construction of Student Hostel at UST Bannu (Closed)

Pre-Qualification of Contractors/ Firms for Construction of Student Hostel at UST Bannu (Closed)    

Tender Notice for Supply of Lab Equipment for Bio-Technology and Botany Department (Closed)    

Tender Notice for Supply of Switch Layer 2, Router, Multimedia, Modulator etc   (Closed)

Gallop Tender Notice for Printing of 4000- Nos. Prospectus    (Closed)    

Remaining work of University Shopping Plaza Lower & Upper Ground Floor Part-I for Civil Work and Internal Electrification etc   (Closed)

Tender Notice 3-2014 for Supply of Printing & Stationery items for Exam Section (200,000 Nos. DMC and 100,000 Nos. Window Envelops)  The last date for Tender Document is extended up to 02 July, 2014.

Tender Notice 2-2014 for Supply of Computer System, Computer Server, Multimedia Projector, Antena Trainer, Microprocessor Trainer, Transducer & instrumentation Trainer and Computer Chairs   (Closed)

Tender Notice 1-2014 Supply of New Tyres for Hino Bus, Contactors, Timer & Relay   (Closed)

Auction 1-2014 for used Tires, Batteries, UPS, Office Furniture’s and Computer Accessories etc.   (Closed)
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