Engr. Muhammad Farhan
Lecturer in Software Engineering (since March 2009)
Office: +92-928-621193, Cell:+92-333-9986886
M.Sc Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering (2010) - University of Nottingham, UK.
BSc Software Engineering (2008) - University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.
Research Interests/Specialisations
Speech Recognition for assistive technology, FPGA Development for intelligent devices
Teaching and Practical/Development Experience
Lecturer at Kohat University of Science and Technology, Pakistan: September 2008 to March 2009
Taught Courses: Object Oriented Programming
Internee at D-Wizd IT Solutions, Peshawar: March 2008 to June 2008
Research Publications/Thesis/Project Reports
  1. Muhammad Farhan, Ghulam Kassem, Mujeeb Abdullah, Siddique Akbar. Support Vector Machines classifier for pattern recognition. First International conference on Informatics and computational Intelligence ICI2011, Page 272-276, 2011.
  2. Aamir Khan, Muhammad Farhan, Aasim Khurshid, Adeel Akram. A multimodal Biometric system using Linear Discriminant Analysis for improved performance. International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), Vol. 8, Issue 6, No 2, November 2011.
  3. Aamir Khan, Muhammad Farhan, Aasim Khurshid. Speech Recognition: Increasing Efficiency of Support Vector Machines.International Journal of Computer Applications 35(7):17-21, December 2011. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA.
  4. Aamir khan, Aasim khurshid, Muhammad Farhan, Muhammad Harris. Agent Based Intelligent Transportation System Software Based GPS Tracking Modules as Agents, J. Basic Appl. Sci. Res. 2012 2(1): 276-281.
  5. Speech Recognition with efficient use of Support Vector Machines. Published by Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8484-3446-6.