Dr. Umar Farooq

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Umar started his career at the University of Peshawar when he was appointed as a Software Engineer/DBA in the Management Information Cell (MIC) during his final year of M.Sc studies in 2001 and started teaching a course in the Department of Geology titled Computer Applications in Geology. He started teaching in the Department of Computer Science to the BCS, and MSc students soon after his M.Sc and served both the department and the MIC when he was appointed against Assistant Registrar (P&D). In October 2003, he moved to Punjab University College of IT, Lahore and stayed there as a Research Scholar for a year and a half. He is one of the four faculty members who started the very first MS (Computer Science) program in Khyber PakhtunKhwa at the Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar and worked there as an Assistant Professor before moving to the University of Science and Technology Bannu against a permanent position of Lecturer. He returned to the UST Bannu as an Assistant Professor in May 2012 after getting his PhD degree. During his studies, he worked as a Student Ambassador at the University and helped teaching different subjects. He has served and helped establishing a number of prestigious institutions and organisation in different capacities (please check the CV for further details).


Umar after getting his SSC in 1995 from Govt. High School Lund Khwar, got admission in the Post Graduate College Mardan where he studied for F.Sc (Pre-Engg: 1995-97) and B.Sc (Computer Science - 1997-1999). He secured the M.Sc (Computer Science: 1999-2002) degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar. He completed course work for PhD (Computer Science - 2005) at Punjab University College of IT, but got his PhD (Computer Science - 2012) from the University of East Anglia Norwich UK.




Dr. Farooq has a diversed teaching experience and taught the following courses to MS/PhD, M.Sc, and BS level at prestigious institutions:
2013      Advanced Algorithm Analysis (MS) -- UET Peshawar, UST Bannu, Qurtaba Uni. DI Khan, Pakistan.
2012      Parallel and Distributed Simulation Systems (MS/PhD) - UST Bannu, KP, Pakistan.
2011      The Computation Revolution (BCS) -- University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.
2010      Theoretical Computing (BCS), Study Skills for Foundation Students (BCS) -- University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

2007      Wireless and Mobile Communications (MS), Computer Networks (MS) – UST-Bannu, Pakistan.

2006      Advanced Algorithm Analysis (MS) -- UST-Bannu, Bannu, Pakistan.

             Advanced Algorithm Analysis (MS), Software Engineering (M.Sc), Databases (M.Sc) --  University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

2005      Parallel Processing (MS), Advanced Databases (M.Sc), Modelling and Simulation (BCS) – University of Peshawar, Pakistan.       Compiler Construction (BCS) -- Edwards College, Peshawar, Pakistan.

2004      Neural Networks (BCS) -- Punjab University College of Information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

2002-03 Software Engineering (M.Sc), Databases (M.Sc) -- DCS, University of Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan.

             Multimedia Applications (MCS), Databases (MCS) -- Sarhad University of Science and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan.

             Automated Business Applications (BS-IT) -- Greenwich University, Peshawar, Pakistan.

             Databases (BCS) -- ICMS, Peshawar, Pakistan.

2001-02 Computer Applications in Geology (M.Sc), Department of Geology, University of Peshawar, Pakistan.



Dr. Umar Farooq is leading the research in the areas of Distributed Simulation, Virtual Worlds and the underlying technical infrastructures with an emphasis on Grid based infrastructures. He has strong background in Computer Networks with an emphasis on wireless and Mobile Computing including Wireless Sensor Networks.

He has developed an infrastructure for the scalable and consistent Virtual Worlds and produced a prototype of the scalable virtual worlds using an open source framework called OpenSimulator. He has worked over a contemporary design for grid infrastructures and presented a mobility model for mobile grid environments. He also worked on different projects in Wireless and Mobile Networks, and Sensor environments.

Currently, we are looking into a number issues in scalability and consistency in distributed simulation environments and the implementation of our ideas using open source frameworks. We concentrate on the development of virtual places to support a number of application areas such as teaching and tourism. We are also looking into computing infrastructures and its integration with mobile environments. Please visit the list of current projects currently undertaken by us for details.

Research Students

 Dr. Farooq is a HEC approved supervisor and is currently supervising the following students:






Miss. Zuhra Israr


Distributed Simulation and Virtual Worlds

To be decided




Research and Development Projects
Dr. Farooq has worked on a number of projects. He is currently looking suitable candidates for the following R&D projects:
  • The Development of a Virtual Research Center: Content Development and Visualisations. (BCS/MCS)
  • The Development of a Branch to the OpenSimulator Source Code for scalable virtual worlds based on scalable infrastructure developed by Farooq and Glauert. (BCS/MCS)
  • Determining the efficiency of current load content algorithm (used by OpenSimulator) and possibly the development of a new efficient algorithm. (MS)
  • Performance Analysis of “Seize and Restore players” method and its comparison with “Transfer players to a Transit Region” method. (MS)
  • The Development of a Prediction Model for determining the time taken by relocating spatial regions. (MS)
  • Performance analysis of the current aggregation algorithm (developed by Farooq and Glauert) and the development of an extended load distribution algorithm. (MS)
  • Investigating Megaregions in OpenSimulator and extending them to dynamically re-shape/resize a virtual space in scalable virtual worlds. (MS)
  • Investigating the reduced size of OpenSimulator regions and its possible impact on system performance. (MS)
  • Investigating the Communication overheads based on an increase in number of players and scene complexity. (MS)
  • Consistent Virtual Wolds: The Development of an Adaptive Decentralized Approach and its Implementation using OpenSimulator (PhD)

Publications (selected)

Dr. Farooq has written more than 20 publications in journals and conference proceedings of national and international repute. The following is a partial list of his publications:
  • Umar Farooq, “The Design of a Contemporary Infrastructure for Scalable and Consistent Virtual Worlds”, PhD in Computer Science, School of Computing Sciences - University of East Anglia Norwich, UK, 2012.
  • Umar Farooq and John Glauert, “A Dynamic Load Distribution Algorithm for Virtual Worlds”, Digital Information Management, 8(3), pages 181-190, 2010.
  • Umar Farooq and John Glauert, “A Decentralised Synchronisation Approach for Complex Hierarchical Models of Virtual Worlds,” In: Proc. of the 22ndIASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS ’10), California, USA, 2010, pp. 218–225.
  • Umar Farooq and John Glauert, “Time Management for Hierarchical Models of Virtual Worlds based on Constrained Communication Model,” In: Proc. of the 3rd International Workshop on Massively Multiplayer Virtual Environments (MMVE ’10), Taipei, Taiwan, 2010, pp. 18: 1–6.
  • Umar Farooq and John Glauert, “A Hybrid Infrastructure for Scalable and Consistent Virtual Worlds”, In: Proc. of the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC ‘10), Maryland, USA, 2010.
  • Umar Farooq and John Glauert, “Joint Hierarchical Nodes based User Management (JoHNUM) Infrastructure for the Development of Scalable and Consistent Virtual Worlds,” In: Proc. of the 13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Applications (DS-RT’09), Singapore, 2009, pp. 105–112.IEEE Computer Society.
  • Umar Farooq and John Glauert, “ARA: An Aggregate Region Assignment Algorithm for Resource Minimisation and Load Distribution in Virtual Worlds,” In: Proc. of the 1st International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies (NDT’09), Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2009, pp. 404–410.IEEE Computer Society. 


Dr. Farooq has given the following talks/presentations (selected only) at different national and international events:
  • Upcoming:1st National Workshop on Games and Virtual Worlds, Bannu, Pakistan.
  • Upcoming: International Symposium on Emerging Technologies in Information Technologies (ETIT-2012), Abbotabad, Pakistan.
  • International Symposium on Emerging Technologies in Information Technologies (ETIT-2012), Abbotabad, Pakistan.
  • International Conference on Computer Networks and IT (ICCNIT-2011), Abbotabad, Pakistan.
  • Winter Simulation Conference (WSC-2010), Baltimore, USA.
  • The 9th International workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games (NetGames-2010), Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 22ndIASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS-2010), California, USA.
  • 13th IEEE/ACM Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DSRT’ 09), Singapore.
  • 1st International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies (NDT’ 2009), Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • The 2009 UEA School of Computing Sciences Symposium, Norwich, UK.
  • National Conference on Information and Communication Technologies - 2007 (NCICT-2007), Bannu, KPK, Pakistan.
  • International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS, 06), Las Vegas, USA.
  • National Conference on Information Technology and Applications – 2005 (NCITA-2005),  Quetta, Pakistan.
  • 2nd International Workshop on Frontiers of IT (FIT-2004), Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • National Conference on Emerging Technologies - 2004 (NCET’ 04), Karachi, Pakistan.

Events Organised

Dr. Farooq has organised a number of national and international events including:

  • Upcoming: 1st National Workshop on Games and Virtual Worlds, 21 November, 2013, Bannu, Pakistan.
  • National Seminar on E-Commerce, January 31, 2008, Bannu, Pakistan.
  • National Conference on E-Governance, January 30, 2008, Bannu, Pakistan.
  • Workshop on Promoting Industry Academia Linkages, July 02, 2007, Bannu, Pakistan.
  • Organised a National Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (NCICT-2007), June 09, 2007, Bannu, Pakistan.

Current Positions

  • Chairman of the Department of Computer Science, IECS, UST-Bannu.
  • Research (MS/PhD) Programs Co-ordinator, IECS, UST-Bannu.
  • Head of Disciplinary Committee, IECS, UST Bannu.

Previous Positions

  • Assistant Manager MIC, University of Peshawar 2001-2003.
  • Co-ordinator BIT Program, DCS, University of Peshawar 2005-2006.
  • Assistant Provost, UST- Bannu 2007-2008.