Formation of Alumni Association


University of Science & Technology, Bannu came into existence in 2005 with few Departments that started production of its Graduates from 2008 and up till now several hundred students have been graduated in various disciplines. Some of these graduates are serving the nations while others are still busy in improving their qualifications. Research and academic activities will be more fruitful if collective and collaborative efforts are made. So it is the need of the day to provide a forum/ linkage to the ex-students and the present students/ faculty of the university to share, discuss and make efforts for the achievement of these activities. The graduates of the University are our valuable assets and channelizing of their activities for the welfare of the University, Nation and the World is utmost necessary task to be achieved. USTBians (ex-graduates of the University of Science & Technology, Bannu) may contribute, positively, in many ways. 

Keeping in view the above facts the Administration of the University of Science & Technology, Bannu is going to launch its “Alumni Association”.

To provide a forum to our ex-graduates to contribute efficiently to the welfare of the University, the Nation and the world by mutual collaboration and co-operation.

Formation of linkages-hub for the graduates of the University for their mutual collaboration and co-operations in;

i.   Research and Academic Activities

ii.  Research Publications

iii.  Higher Studies and Scholarship

iv.  Developmental Activities of the University


i.   Formation of communities/ societies of related subjects.

ii.  Provision of technical and other support in Research’s work publications

iii.  Circulation of information and technical support regarding higher studies and research.

iv.  Circulation of information and support regarding various scholarships stipend/ financial aids.  

v.  Contribution to the Endowment Fund

vi.  Financial contribution in the developmental activities of the University.



  1.   Integrity
  2.   Transparency
  3.   Fidelity
  4.   Effective
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