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Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship (SSMS) 2017 for Pakistani Students

 The Govt. of the Punjab has launched "Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship (SSMS)" under which eligible male and female students, as per the eligibility criteria set for this scheme from time to time, will be awarded scholarships for Ph.D level Education at the top ranked universities of the world.

Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship (SSMS) is a revolutionary step of Govt. of the Punjab which will enable the youth to study at the top ranked educational institutions of the world and play their role in strengthening & uplifting the economy of Pakistan. The scholarship scheme focuses the meritorious students of Punjab while allocating a special quota for the students of other federating units of Pakistan as well.

Students fulfilling the following criterion shall be eligible to apply for SSMS 

a) Valid PhD admission offer from one of the Top 50 (Subject Wise) Universities of the World (QS ranking) in preferred subject areas (

b) Not less than 60% marks throughout the academic career. 

c) Declared monthly family income (including self, spouse and parents) is equal to or less than Rs. 200,000/- 

d) Maximum age of 35 years on 31st March, 2017

e) Not availed any foreign scholarship in the past .

f) Must take up the scholarship in the year for which it is offered and the scholarship shall not be deferred to the next year. 

g) All Pakistani Nationals, both males and females are eligible to apply.

Note: Existing permanent / regular faculty members of public sector teaching / educational institutions of Pakistan are not eligible to apply for Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarships (SSMS).

PhD Scholarships awarded under SSMS are fully funded and will cover the following costs:

>> Tuition fees of the Degree Course

>> Boarding & Lodging (as per approved rates) 

>> Air Fare

 Allocation of the scholarships will be as follows: 

>> 80 % scholarships are reserved for science disciplines 

>> 20% of scholarships are reserved for Social Sciences/Humanities & Arts. 

 Geographical distribution of scholarships will be as follows: 

a. 90% scholarships will be awarded to the students of Punjab. 

b. 10% scholarships has been allocated for the other federating units of Pakistan.

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Master  Annual  Examinations Results - 2016


TOP 15 Position Holders  




1.  Master of Arts in English    (Result Awaited)

 2.  Master of Arts in Urdu

 3.  Master of Arts in Pashto

 4.  Master of Arts in Arabic

5.  Master of Arts in Islamiyat

6.  Master of Arts in Political Science 

7.  Master of Arts in History

8.  Master of Science in Economics

9.  Master of Science in Mathematics

10.  Master in International Relations

 11.  Bachelor of Education


Note:   The Student having UFM Cases to be informed to appear the UMF Committee on dated: 29-12-2016 accordingly Roll No.43430 to Roll No.60760 at Exam Section and Roll No.60881  to  Roll No.64252 in IMS Campus UST Bannu.    

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Student Start-Up Business Center (SSBC), UST Bannu



Student Start-Up Business Center (SSBC) is the center to promote entrepreneurship through engaging university students in entrepreneurial activities. The SSBC will be run by the university with initial funding by UST Bannu, HEC, and the Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEP) Foundation Inc. New York each Rs.2 million. It will provide funds and technical and scientific base to student’s start-ups and will promote entrepreneurial activities through awareness and networking activities. Ultimately, the SSBC will provide laboratory to university students to hone their entrepreneurial skills, gain practical experience, exploit the university scientific base for commercial purposes, link the university to the local industry, and to grow sensitivity among the students to start their own businesses apart from looking for corporate/government positions.

1.    Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives the SSBC programs are as under:

  1. Enhancing Awareness about entrepreneurship (through seminars, talks, innovation challenges and so forth).
  2. Enhancing Skills (through training for studentsin basic skills such as business plan development, developing elevator pitches, and practically participating in business development process).
  3. Promoting Venture Capitalism (by establishing a long term venture fund that will raise funds from donors and investors, provide deserving students’ startups with business mentoring and initial financial resources).
  4. Extend Linkages (provide links to start-ups with relevant industries and critical business support services. Moreover, the center will work as a platform for local entrepreneurs, government employees, academicians, and students).
  5. Changing the Eco-System (to enhance sophistication of the local businesses by creating venture capital-backed business champions as well as by providing rich business consultancy to local businesses).
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List of the eligible candidates for the different Admin Position


"In case of any reservations, the candidates may submit application to Registrar, UST Bannu up to December 15, 2016.  


Those candidates who are not included in the list may be considered as in-eligible for the position.  


1.     Director ORIC

2.     Depty Librarian

3.    Assistant Librarian

4.   Assistant Treasure